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Adjust a gate installation

Install / October 24, 2022

Step 1
Installing Post Hinges
Step One
Installing Post Hinges
The Adjust-A-Gate™ is made to swing in. With this in mind you will want to locate your hinges toward the back edge of the gate post so the latch will work properly.
  1. Locate the center point between your top and bottom rails.
  2. Measure up and down approximately 16" (20" for 3-rail) and make a mark 1" from the back edge of your post
  3. Using a 1/2" spade bit, drill a pilot hole for the lag hinges.
  4. Using pliers or a wrench, screw the lag hinge in approximately 1" tolerance to outside of hinge pin.
Step Two
Assemble Gate Frame
Step Two
Assemble Gate Frame
The Adjust-A-Gate™ can be used for 4', 5', and 6' high fences and will adjust to virtually any opening from 36" to 60" (AG36) or 60" to 96" (AG60).
  1. Hang the hinge side of the Adjust-A-Gate on the post using the frame hinges provided.
  2. Insert the 2 - 1" Spreader bars into the slip members on the frame (be sure that the holes in the spreader bar are facing up and down.)
Step 4
2 x 4 Installation
Step Four
2 x 4 Installation
  1. Measure, cut, and install 2 x 4's with screws provided (7, 8) as shown. (Depending on the width of your gate you may not need all of the long screws (8) in the frame.)
Step 5
Hinges, Wire Truss Cable and Gate Stop
Step Five
Hinges, Wire Truss Cable and Gate Stop Installation
  1. Now you can install the frame hinges (4) and hang your gate.
  2. Install the "S" Hook for the truss cable kit into the hole at the top of the gate on the hinge side. Install the truss cable kit (3) by hooking the turnbuckle into the hole at the bottom of the gate on the latch side. Use the clamp provided to secure the cable, cut off excess. Adjust turnbuckle to mild tension.
  3. Install the Latch Bar to gate frame, then the Latch Keeper to the post.
  4. Install Stop, using the carriage bolt and nylock nut provided.
Step 6
Installing Fence Boards, Adjusting Gate
Step Six
Installing Fence Boards, Adjusting Gate
  1. Now you can install the fence boards to your specifications using nails or screws. If you have trouble stabilizing your boards at the outside edges of the Adjust-A-Gate™, you can use the 4 self-drilling screws (10) provided and attach the boards directly to the gate frame.
  2. By adjusting the turnbuckle on the truss cable you can fine tune the latch to give you that perfect fit.
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