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Gate Operator installation

Install / August 25, 2022


Questions about schools or certifications? Contact AFA at (800) 822-4342

The Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer School covers the essential subjects needed to properly design an automated gate operator system in compliance with all automated gate and gate operator standards. Starting with which type of gate and gate operator will best suit an application and continuing through final site layout, students will be led through the entire design process. Two days of training to obtain the equivalent of years of experience makes this an ideal course for anyone selling or specifying gate operator systems.

How to Certify

Eligible gate operator installers are those who:

  1. Have completed a Self-Study Guide as published by IDEA, intended to teach various aspects of automated gate operator systems.
  2. Can successfully pass a written examination based upon the information contained within the Self-Study Guide. Applicants for the examination are advised that the Gate Operator Installer Certification examination is based on a high degree of difficulty and is designed to validate exceptional expertise rather than just fundamental knowledge. The examination consists of one hundred multiple choice and true/false questions, and students may take up to two hours to complete the exam. A passing score is 80% or higher.
  3. Have two or more years of field experience both installing and servicing automated gate operator systems. An individual who does not yet have the two years of field experience installing and servicing gate operators may still apply for the certification program, receive the self-study guide, and take the examination. After passing the examination, the final certification will be issued when the two years’ experience criteria has been met.
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