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installing chain link fence gate

Install / January 30, 2023

A chain link fence gate is a durable and flexible, made with net-like galvanized metal fencing. Installation of a chain link fence is quite straight forward.

Step 1- Location

Decide the location of your new fence. Make sure it is on your property. Trace any utility lines that might be buried along the route of the fence to avoid damaging them.

Step 2- Mark Post Positions

Mark the fence position with spray paint or chalk powder. Mark the places where the posts will be fitted. Posts should be equidistant and not more than 10 feet apart. The gate posts will be the width apart required for the gate.

Step 3- Insert the Posts

Use a clam shell posthole digger to dig fence post holes. Make the holes 8 inches in diameter and up to 24 inches deep. The post holes should be wider at the bottom. Add gravel and ensure that each post extends above the ground the height of the mesh. Mix cement or concrete and pour round the post. Make sure the posts are vertical. Allow 48 hours to set properly.

Step 4- Apply Post Hardware

Each post will need two rail caps, a dome cap and three tension bands. Fit them finger tight. The dome caps might need to be tapped home with a small hammer.

Step 5- Fit the Top Rail

Fit the top rail into the rail caps using post sleeves to connect them. Tighten the rail caps. The top post will support the wire mesh and give more strength to the fence structure.

Step 6- Roll the mesh along the ground from the first post.

Thread a tension bar through the diamond shapes and attach it to the tension bands. The tension bands should be equidistant up the post. Tighten the fittings.

Step 7- Two or three feet away from the next post thread a tension bar through the mesh.

Pull this up to the post. A ratchet tensioner can be used for best effect. When stretched and fully taut connect the tension bar to the tension bands. Cut off the surplus mesh.

Fit the mesh between the remaining posts in the same way.

Step 8- Wire Supports

Once you have fitted all the mesh sections attach the top of the mesh to the top rail using wire ties - at least one every four feet.

Step 9- Install the Gate

The gate will be installed between the posts following the instructions that will be with the gate pack. Always check that you have all the parts before you start to install. Attach the gate fittings to the gate posts loosely so that you can get the gate into the right position. Tighten the fittings when the gate is horizontal and the latches meet properly.