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Repair / November 26, 2023

Electric gate repair can cost you a lot of money and effort. That said; an electric gate in itself is extremely convenient and anyone who has ever used such a gate can vouch for its usefulness. Electric gates usually come with gate operators that can be controlled to allow access to selective people. Such gates can not only be installed at the entrance of your house but also in your garage.

In order to repair any piece of equipment, it is most important to understand the anatomy of the equipment and to know precisely how it functions. The same goes for electrical gates, be it a swing gate or a rolling one. Understanding the parts of your gate can help you troubleshoot any problem that you might face. Here’s what you can do when you are having trouble with your gate.

1. Check if the Gate is Receiving Power

The first and most important step in electric gate repair is to check whether the gate the receiving power. If there are any peripheral equipments installed on the gate, check if they are working. If the gate is not receiving power, there is a high likelihood that the peripheral equipment will not be receiving any either.

If the electrical mains are off, switch them on. If the mains are switched on, check the wiring and see if it is damaged. You may need to change the wiring.

2. Check the Transmitter

If the transmitter is not working properly, check the batteries. The transmitter usually has a light on it that indicates that there is power in it. However, if the batteries are dead, the transmitter may require fresh ones.

If you have any other access controls on the gate, key in the access codes and see if the gates are opening. Test all the peripheral equipment. Eliminate the ones that are working properly. If there is any particular equipment that is not working, it has to either be repaired or removed and replaced.

3. Examine the Path of the Gates

It is possible for the gates to be stuck due to an obstruction in their path. If the gates are open and are unable to close, wave any object in the path of the gate and see if you hear a clicking sound. This works well for rolling gates. However, a sliding gate may not have such photocells. Simply look for any potential obstruction in the path of the gate and remove it.

If there are photocells in your gate but there is no clicking noise, it indicates a problem with your safety beam. Check for any broken parts, stuck insects, or hardened debris that might be blocking the photocells.

4. Check the Motors

Another logical step, if everything else is working correctly, is to check the motors for the gates. For both swing gates and rolling gates, there will be problems if the motors are not working properly. The motors may be in need of repair or may have to be replaced.

Source: www.doityourself.com