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Fence repair tools

Repair / September 30, 2022

Whether your chain link fence keeps intruders out or something in, you will need the correct tools to repair it. Understanding which tools are necessary will ensure that your project is successful.

Wire Cutters

An effective pair of wire cutters is necessary when repairing a chain link fence in case any section of it needs to be cut. Be aware that the wire used for the fencing is thicker than that used for household wiring so the cutters will need to be tough enough to take on the thickness. Depending on the manner in which you intend to repair the fence, you may also need a pair of cutters for the separate lengths of wire that attach the fence to the posts. Quick repairs of holes can be undertaken by linking loose sections with separate pieces of wire.


Whether it is the process of linking parts of the chain link fence to each other or to the posts that hold it up, there will be occasions when you will need to manipulate the wire. This process can be undertaken with a pair of pliers. This will allow you to bend the wire into the relevant shape to enable it to be securely hooked onto its neighbor.

Protective Gloves

You will need gloves that are thick enough to protect your hands while working with the wire of a fence. This will not only prevent the risk of any cuts, but will reduce the strain on your hands when using tools.

Staple Gun

A staple gun will prove useful when attaching a chain link fence to wooden posts. An industrial staple gun and its staples can be hired from a tool hire company. The thick wire of the staples are effective at holding the fence up on the posts.


If the posts that hold up the chain link fence are loose, you may find that they have not been properly fitted into the ground. This can be rectified with the use of a shovel, which should be used to dig holes of at least a foot deep to accommodate the base of the posts. The depth will depend on the type of soil that the ground is made up of. A shovel will also be necessary if a trench is needed along the entire length of the fence. This can be necessary if the fence is to be fitted into the ground rather than hovering above it.


When you want to make a fence more secure or are seeking to make it animal-proof, you may find it useful to anchor it to the ground. This can be achieved by digging a trench into which the fence will go before cement is poured in so that it will not be possible for anything to pass beneath the fence.

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