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Gate maintenance and repair

Repair / August 26, 2022

It's comforting to know someone is always here for you. With Seattle-based Automated Gates and Equipment you can rest easy knowing we're always just a phone call away. If you ever have a problem with your entry gate our 24-hour service and repair department is here to help. We understand that a malfunctioning system can be frustrating and inconvenient, that's why we are available around the clock and work hard to get your entry gate operating as soon as possible.

You'll receive quick and reliable maintenance and repair service in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue and the Eastside, Tacoma and Olympia. For service times in outlying areas such as Bellingham, Eastern Washington, the Olympic Peninsula, and elsewhere please contact us.

After Hours or Emergency Service

  • Call anytime, (206) 767-9080 or toll free 800-338-7649
  • To schedule non-emergency service call Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm

Quality, Warranted Products, Built to Last

Your first step toward a low-maintenance driveway gate, control system, and related components begins with quality - that's why our gates are built to last and to be trouble-free. Your driveway gate will feature top-rated materials and control systems. Plus, you can count on us to work with you to find the best value for your needs. Many of our installations come with strong warrantees. Please contact us for details.

Save Money with a Gate Maintenance Package

Reduce the possibility of inconvenient or expensive gate and access control system repairs by keeping your entry gate system in good working order. Automated Gates and Equipment offers a variety of maintenance services to do just that. In the greater Seattle area our cool wet climate and icy winter rains can be tough on the precision mechanics and electronics in gates and access control systems. A small investment on a regular basis keeps gate components in top condition for decades of worry-free use.

Keep up with Technology and Safety Recommendations

Equipment upgrades are available to keep up with your changing needs and to help you stay current with important and useful technology advancements. Upgrades to meet current safety standards as given by Underwriters Laboratory (UL325) and American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) are also available. It's our goal to provide you with security and service for a lifetime.

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