Upright Garage Door & Gate Repair - Upright Garage Door & Gate Repair

Gate repair Phoenix

Repair / October 7, 2022

13041 N 35th Ave
Ste C3
Phoenix, AZ 85029

(480) 332-2106

Beyond my wildest expectations. Called Jim and within 90 minutes he was at my home on a service call. He fixed a weld done by another company on my RV gate that broke twice within two weeks. He re-did it and also replaced the hinges and hardware that had been improperly installed by the other company. The repair took 45 minutes and was done to perfection. Given the age of the gate, he gave me a 2-year warranty. Jim is the man to get the job done and done right!!! Thanks!

We met Jimmy while looking for a contractor to install a new RV gate at our home in Glendale. Upon meeting him, he first tried to reassure us that his negative reviews on Yelp were not justified. He went into long explanations how "these people" are nuts and over the top. He appeared friendly and honest. We later learned he is just another Con man. We did hire him, and he did install the gate in spring of 2015. This install came with a 3 year warranty. The very next day, the RV gate started to sag. It did not line up properly and would not close unless you manually lifted one side. Jimmy returned to fix the problem to our satisfaction. Less than one year has passed and our RV gate needs work. We have called MULTIPLE times over the past three weeks and left messages for Jimmy to call back regarding our gate. The last voice mail that my husband left stated that he now understands the completely negative reviews on Yelp and will add to them. Following that voice mail, Jimmy sent a text that stated he was in a meeting and will call right back. That was three days ago. He has never answered his phone and has never called back. He is definitely not a man of his word. Stay away from this company!

Bought a fence gates replacement in April 2014. Intially happy with both the prompt service and finished product. Have left numerous messages via email/phone to discuss some minor repairs...gate not closing properly nor latching and already starting to rust on the weld joints. They will not return my calls nor messages to discuss these issues. I am left no other alternative but to give bad reviews where I can.

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