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Golden gate auto repair

Repair / March 1, 2022

2380 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134

(415) 330-0928

First and foremost, they had a check-in deal which may or may not be available leaving the price to 45 with smog certificate included. The station is close to the freeway attached to a Shell gas in the Portola. The station is STAR Certified which is a must for those who've had to use for their smog test. The lot may look a little packed but they will usually take around 10-20 min for the whole test which is awesome. Super fast, will come again if needed for a STAR smog check!!!

Went in for a SMOG check around 2:30pm on a weekday, and after about 20 minutes, I was on my way. If they are a busy working on another car, please do get their attention and let them know what you need.

I got a Smog Check here - they had the best price (I got the $36.75 Yelp deal) and the service was fast and friendly! I was in and out within 15 minutes.

This repair shop is part of the Shell Gas Station on the corner of San Bruno Ave and Silver Ave. I arrived at about 8:45am for a smog check and was initially discouraged to see a lot of cars scattered around the two service bays. But I was greeted politely by a service technician as I arrived, and was told to pull up behind another person who was in line for a smog check too. As luck would have it, the customer in front of me was dropping off their vehicle, so I was next! I got a quote, and a 10 minute lead time. Henry was super busy scurrying around checking on other cars and fielding phone calls but always remained professional and polite. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Superb.

I was looking for a repair shop or gas station to take a tire off a rim. I used to go to a Chevron near Geneva for my tire needs but the repair facility is gone. I can have shops or gas stations fix a flat but I have plugged or patched my tires for the past forty years. I can't take the tire off the rim so I have this done for me. I patch the tire and then bring the tire and rim back to the shop or gas station and they put the tire back on the rim. The guy at Chevron charged me $5 to take off the tire and $5 to put it back on. I don't save any money fixing tires myself but I get a sense of satisfaction knowing I did what I could do myself. I checked the phone book and saw Golden Gate Auto on Silver and San Bruno. I called and asked if they could take a tire off the rim and the guy said he could. I asked him how much he wanted and he said ten dollars. I drove there and saw three employees working on cars. I believe the bulk of their work is smog tests but they perform brake repairs and under the hood work. I didn't see any customers waiting so I got the attention of one guy and told him I called about removing a tire off the rim. He told me to wait a few minutes and he finished what he was doing. He came out and I gave him my tire. It only takes a few minutes to remove the tire off the rim when you have the right equipment so I gave the guy $10 and was on my way. I patched the tire and went back to Golden Gate Auto the next day. There were cars parked again - I believe dropped off for smog tests - and I parked behind one car. Today they were busy. I saw a lady standing by a car and a guy drove up for a smog test. I saw the same guy who removed the tire and told him I need the tire mounted. He said ok and came out to tell me there was a tire repair ahead of me. Just then another car drove up and the driver said he needed an alternator replaced that day. Now there were four customers waiting for repairs. The employee jacked up the lady's car and proceeded to install a plug on her tire. After her repair was done, it was my turn and the employee took my tire, placed it on the same machine, and mounted my tire. I gave him another ten dollars and was on my way. I had to wait for a customer to move her car so I could get out. I didn't even see her come in and park behind me. She was also there for a smog test. I will continue to bring my tires to Golden Gate because I am very happy with the service they provided. I didn't mind waiting because it is first come first served. I can see why they get all the good reviews on Yelp. The reviews are well deserved.

Super nice, thank you for your help. Busy but hardworking. In a gas station next to freeway, easy to find them.

I talked with Henry for a potential job on an Acura TSX. He gave me, by far, the best price and was able to take me that afternoon. I did not move forward with it because my sister's boyfriend was able to do the job as long as I covered parts (can't beat that). But I did enjoy the brief experience I had with Henry and I would have used Golden Gate if I had no personal connection to help me.

Came in to get a smog check. The technician was helpful and fast. I had reset my computer and didn't pass the first time. Drove around 50 miles, came back and passed with flying colors.

This review is strictly for smog check + certificate. I was quoted $50 but mentioned Yelp and only paid $45. You're and in and out in less than 10mins. Henry was very helpful. I think I've been getting ripped off at other places. Smog checks here from now on...

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