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Iron gate repair

Repair / September 6, 2022

Recent Job Requests for Repair or Weld a Wrought Iron Fence Contractors in Los Angeles, California:

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90037

What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

Fencing material: Wrought Iron

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Comment: Need a new wrought iron gate. Original damaged by car accident. Need quote for insurance company.

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90042

Date: 07/2017

Kind of Repair Needed: Fence is damaged

Fence height: 4-6 feet

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90031

Kind of Repair Needed: Other

Historical Work: No

Property Owner: Yes

Comment: We would like an iron fence and electric gate installed on our property. We would also like to have the driveway and curb cut redone - likely a different contractor.

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90006

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is damaged, Fence is damaged, Fence is loose, Hardware is damaged/broken/missing

Fence height: 6-8 feet

Historical Work: Yes

Comment: The iron gate door and associated parts (hinges) need repairing or replacing.

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90043

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is damaged

Fence height: Less than 4 feet

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90065

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is damaged, Gate is sagging

Comment: I need a rod iron gate (decorative) with a metal mesh to keep out pests

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90004

Comment: I need my electric sliding iron gate motor repaired

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90046

Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks

What kind of location is this?: Business

Comment: RAILING IS 3 FT. HI NEE 4-41/2 FT H PLS CALL NENRY xxxxxxxxxxxx RAILING IS 50-70 FT LONG

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90029

Kind of Repair Needed: Fence is damaged, Fence is rusty

Desired Completion Date: More than 2 weeks

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90019

Fence height: Greater than 8 feet

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90008

Kind of Repair Needed: Hardware is damaged/broken/missing

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90066

Date: 06/2017

Comment: i need a quote on iron gate fixed.

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is damaged, Post is wobbly, Fence is loose, Hardware is damaged/broken/missing

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90022

Comment: I need an estimate for wrought iron fence replacement at my home.

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90016

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is wobbly, Fence is rusty, Gate is sagging

Comment: There is a 4 inch piece on the bottom of the iron rail on the deck that has rotted through and needs replacement. I also want the post checked that goes from corner of rail down into the deck to make sure it is solid and needs no repair.

Project Location: Commerce, CA 90040

Kind of Repair Needed: Gate is sagging, Hardware is damaged/broken/missing, Other

Comment: Alignment of gate is off. One of the rubber roller wheels has eroded due to 3 decades of use.

Project Location: Los Angeles, CA 90056

Kind of Repair Needed: Post is wobbly, Gate is sagging, Hardware is damaged/broken/missing

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