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Metal fence repair

Repair / June 20, 2017

There is much more involved in replacing a railing than simply unscrewing the ends from the posts. For example, the screws are often hidden and hard to get at without damaging the post or the screws may be rusted and refuse to come out. Some types of fencing require loosening a post to remove and replace a rail.

Before a rail can be replaced without damaging the posts, it must be determined how the fence was originally constructed. It is also important that the replacement rail is made from the same grade of material, whether aluminum or steel, that the original fence contains. Professionals are experienced in determining fence construction and the materials that are required to repair a rail.

Fixing Fence Posts

Posts provide support to the fence to keep it standing straight and even. Most posts are installed by pouring cement around the post underground.

While some homeowners may pound a piece of wood beside the post to keep it from wobbling, that is a temporary fix and will not hold up long. The correct way to repair an unsteady post will depend on the reason that it is wobbly. For example, the cause could be cracked anchor cement, ground movement or an accident that pushed the post out of place.

If it is determined that the cement is the problem or the post needs to be replaced, the correct type and consistency of cement must be used to anchor the bottom of the post into the ground. Most homeowners are not familiar with cement products and how they are mixed for different types of projects. If done incorrectly, the cement may not hold up and could crumble or crack, causing the post to become wobbly or to lean in a short time.

Replacing or repairing a post requires special tools including a carpenter level and a tamper. It is not enough to simply pull a post and set another one in its place. The post must be centered in the exact position between the posts on either side of it that the original post was in. If it is not, the rails may not reattach to the new post. The post must also be in an exact vertical position.

A professional fence installer has the tools and experience to efficiently repair or replace a post. The result will be a durable repair that will last for years.

Source: www.homeadvisor.com