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Aleko gate opener installation

Install / September 6, 2022

(253) 872-3656

Superb customer service This is the place for gates, solar panels etc Thanks so much!

So far Aleko customer service is the problem. I called and asked for specific instructions on roller attachment as the Single gate/Sliding gate instruction manual states that the post should be in the ground 3 feet 1.2 inches from the gate bottom. So we subtracted the 4 inches for the wheel and installed our post a little taller than specified in instructions. We put 2 feet 8 inches in the ground, leaving 5 foot 4 inches above ground. This is 1 inch higher than the instruction manual called for. We installed our concrete at the time of post install. The gate is 7 inches too tall at the center for the rollers which were installed per instructions via email from Irena at Aleko. I was told the wheel are too big, the rollers to low, the posts were installed wrong. The wheels came from Aleko, the rollers installed to their specs and posts exactly as measured in the assembly manual. They were not willing to do a thing to fix the issue. Then I pointed out that the limit switch magnet that is supposed to attach to their extension bar does not fit anywhere. Of coourse not, it needs to retrofitted to work. Another design flaw. Sadly enough, before dealing with the poor instructions and customer service, we had 3 neighbors that were going to buy this same set up.

These guys are fantastic. They have really inexpensive products that are good quality and they honor their warranty when needed. The best part about this place is there not one of those companies who spending their money on making their office look perfect and set up marketable, they are passing on the savings to us. Good job guys!

Very misleading advertisement of their chicken coops the picture that was posted on offer up appears to show a completely different product then what was being sold at their store location. The management seamed like they couldn't care less when It was brought to his attention and the one that looked just like the ads they had up for 125$ they were trying to sell to me for 188$ I will never use this business again and would never recommend them. Don't waste your time!

I wish I could give them 0 stars. I purchased dog kennels from them and it took almost 4 months to get them. All the time their horrible and rude customer service kept lying and saying "next week". The are in business for the money and do not care about the customer. If you deal with this company I promise you will have an awful experience.

Went with the as1200 (cheaper model) and had nothing but issues and failed parts. The warranty process isn't exactly ideal. Shipping the parts back is at your expense. It cost me $40 to ship an arm back to them. They will not ship the replacement part until your part gets to them and is processed. Them being in WA and me in NY makes this a 2-4 week process. I had 4 parts in total fail. It was a long and difficult process but they made it right. They upgraded me to the 1300 model. Much much better and solid metal. No cheap plastic. If you go with Aleko, pay the extra cash to avoid headaches. All in all I am now happy with a functioning gate opener.

I was looking at inflatable boats and came across this company selling their version of someone else's product. From what i could tell they have no idea what they are talking about and there product is very sub par to the original. Dont be fooled, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

I purchased on of their dog kennels. I am very happy with the kennel and so is my furry buddy. I have been looking for a well made kennel that was nice enough to use indoors and found it at Aleko Gates. I needed to contact them in regards to a question I had. Their customer service is awesome. They answered my email within 24 hours and checked back with me to make sure I was totally happy. You can't go wrong with these guys!

I figured I would post another review for Aleko gate openers, I returned the one that would not reverse ( at my expense) and Aleko shipped me another AC1300, I inboxes it and installed on the original platform, reinstalled chain box, and chain. Once I got the magnetic limit switches set ( poor documentation) it has worked flawlessly for 2 months not on both 110 and solar. It is solar powered 80% of the time, the only time I use 110 is when the battery pack runs down due to no sunlight ( had 4 days straight of no sun just rain) . The gate opener cycles about 6-8 times on any given day, and as long as the sun is shining there is no problem with the solar. It does cycle faster with 110v I notice the difference wife does not unless it is really slow due to no sunlight for charging and that is after 3-4 days. I am well satisfied with the resolution that Aleko made possible. Great opener well made, for the DIY'r you can't beat it! I wish there were mechanical limit switches available as the magnetic ones work ok, just a real pain to get adjusted, nowhere does it say one has the be higher than the other one.

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