Chain Link Fence installation Services | Orange County CA

Chain link fence installation

Install / September 7, 2022

Walk along the fabric and stand it up against the fence frame, taking out the slack as you go. Loosely attach the fabric to the top rail with a few fence ties to hold it in place. Separate enough fabric from the roll to span the opening between the terminal posts.

To remove excess fabric:

Remove the excess fabric with pliers by opening the top and bottom loops (knuckles) of a single strand of wire at the desired point of separation. Unwind the strand up through the links until the fabric comes apart (Figs. 15 and 16).

To splice sections of fabric:

Splice sections of the chain-link fabric together using a single strand of wire, removed from the end of the fabric. Join the two sections by winding the loose strand down, corkscrew style, through the end links. Join and tighten the knuckles at the top and the bottom to secure.

NOTE: Before sections can be spliced, a second strand may have to be removed to provide a proper mesh.

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