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Chain link fence post repair

Repair / June 15, 2021

The most common reasons a chain link fence needs to be repaired are sagging, damage and rust. A sagging chain link fence is most likely caused by a loose fence post or a weak foundation. A sagging chain link fence needs to be repaired quickly before the problem gets any worse.

Damage to the fence posts and mesh of a chain link fence are also extremely common problems. A chain link fence may take some damage during severe weather; it's no match for falling trees and strong winds. Even if sagging and storms don't pose a problem, eventually rust will begin to affect a fence. There is almost nothing anyone can do to stop their chain link fence from getting rusty. Luckily, all three of these problems can easily be fixed in less than a day by a professional.

How to Fix a Sagging Fence

It only takes a shovel, concrete and struts to fix a sagging chain link fence. After the area of poor foundation and loose fence post are found, a handyman will start digging around the post. Once the digging is complete, the concrete is poured in. The fence post gets placed into the concrete and the struts hold it in place. While a sagging chain link fence can be repaired without concrete, this is the only way to make sure the problem never comes back.

How to Fix Severe Damage or Rust

If there is severe damage or rust, large portions of the fence will need to be repaired. If there is any damage or rust on the chain link fence rail, then this must be repaired first. A handyman will cut and remove the fence rail with a hacksaw. The post cap, brace bands and tension bands should be removed before installing the new rail and reattaching the removed items.

At least two people are needed to stretch the undamaged chain link over the nearest post. Check the fence to make sure the caps and bands are in the proper position. The bolts connecting the fence to the post may need to be tightened. A professional can connect the tension bands and reconnect the vertical brace band to the fence rail.

How to Fix the Mesh

If there is only a small portion of the chain link mesh with damage or rust, the repair is much easier. A fence puller should be attached to the two nearest posts and tightened until the tension bar can be properly removed. A handyman will cut out all the damaged mesh and cut a section of new chain link to fill the hole, then weave the pieces together using pliers. The tension bar is reattached and tightened before adding wire tie supports.

Cost Factors to Consider

Cost will be determined by the size of the job. A sagging fence post will be much cheaper to repair than a completely damaged chain link fence. The cost to repair a chain link fence will ultimately come down to amount of materials needed and how long it takes the professional to complete the job. Because it is relatively easy for any skilled professional to repair a chain link fence, labor costs should only be for a few hours of work. The small costs associated with repairing a chain link fence are well worth it to maintain a great looking and functioning fence.

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