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cost of electric gates installed

Install / April 3, 2017

Material Pros Cons Cost
Chain link Low cost

Visually unappealing



Can be made to look like wood or other materials

Low maintenance

Prone to warping

Low cost


Visually appealing

Various wood types

Prone to rot

High maintenance

$400-$4, 000


Rust resistant

Variable qualities $800-$2, 250



High cost 0-, 000


Long lasting


Prone to dust

Single vs. dual

You can choose to have a single gate, or a dual gate that is made up of two parts, each opening toward its own side. Choosing a dual gate can increase the cost by 50% or more.

Automatic vs. manual

Manual gates are typically used by homeowners who receive few visitors and want high security levels. Manual gates require keys to unlock and enter, so no one without keys will be able to enter your driveway. Manual gates cost less than automatic gates, but they require you to exit your car every time you want to open or close the gate. This inconvenience is why many homeowners choose to upgrade to automatic gates.

Typical battery-based gate openers cost $1, 000-$4, 500. Higher voltage (24V) openers and those intended for especially large and heavy gates are priced at the higher end of that range.

Solar power sources for automatic gate openers are energy efficient and available in kits made for particular climates. Prices range from $250-$650, with kits for sunny climates costing the least. You’ll need to pair them with solar-compatible openers.

If you get an automatic gate, you need to decide how you want to control it. Keypads require a numeric passcode to open the gate and cost $50-$300. Those that are integrated with intercom 2 systems cost $550-$2, 350. Card readers require a special card to be scanned before entry is permitted. Average card readers cost $970, while individual cards cost $250 each. Clicker remotes cost $25-$70 each and can be carried on your keychain or kept in your car.