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Electric gates installation

Install / January 16, 2021

Tholl Fence Company provides access-controlled gate systems for your home or business. We know all about gate systems. Applications include residential, commercial, industrial, government, prison, and multi-family.

All gate systems have different power access and are subjected to different wind and weather conditions. Some gates open many times a day while others open only a few times a day. These are just a few conditions to consider when choosing the proper gate system. There are many other conditions that affect your gate opener choice. No one gate system can accommodate all of these needs and variables.

Professional Installation Of Electric Gates

Tholl Fence prides itself in offering a full installation services by our factory-trained and certified team. Our services include initial consultations, design engineering, and custom fabrication requirements. Completed installations range from basic access systems to state-of-the-art high security systems.

Gate systems can be added to chain link fence, ornamental iron fence, designer fencing, vinyl fencing, and wood fencing.