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Gate hinge installation

Install / January 15, 2017

A hinge represents the gate's strength. The length of the screws or bolts that hold the gate hinge in place are significant and have a direct bearing on the gate's strength. Because there are many types of gate hinges, it is best to research which brand and type is the best for your gate.

Step 1

Place one of the hinges on the gate to locate the spot for a solid installation. The more wood it grabs, the stronger it will make the gate. Drill pilot holes for the hinge screws. If the gate is wider than 5 feet, see the article in the Reference section entitled "Butt Hinge Installation" for tips on proper installation.

Step 2

Take the hinges apart, if applicable. This allows for a smoother installation when holding the gate in place while installing the hinge screws to the fence post or other structure.

Step 3

Drive the screws as far in as they will go for a tight fit. In some cases, you might have to use a ratchet to keep from burning the motor out in the ½-inch drill.

Step 4

Place some blocks on the ground to rest the gate on while positioning it to install onto the post. The goal is to alleviate as much stress on the screws as possible. This will ensure a solid, level installation.

Step 5

Check the hinges after the installation by swinging the gate open and closed a few time. After this, allow the gate to come to a stop. If it settles without swinging closed or open, then the gate is level.

Source: www.hunker.com