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Swing gate opener installation

Install / July 9, 2018

dual driveway gateWhen deciding on which size gate to buy, be sure it opens wide enough to accommodate not only delivery vans, but also ambulances, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

D. Opening Action: There are two ways that driveway gates operate: either by swinging or sliding.

A vast majority of residential driveway gates swing open because they require less space beside the driveway than a sliding gate.

Most driveway gates swing inward, meaning as you pull into the driveway, the gates swing away from you and in toward the house. However, whether or not you can install an in-swinging gate will depend on the slope of your driveway.

If the driveway is relatively level or slopes down toward the house, then you can install an in-swinging gate. However, if the driveway slopes up toward the house, there might not be enough clearance beneath the gate for it to swing inward. (There is typically about 4 in. of space beneath the gate.) In those cases, the gate will have to swing away from the house and toward the road.

Remember to consider the gate’s position on the driveway. It’s important the gate be far enough up the driveway so that vehicles, including delivery trucks, can pull up to the gate without blocking the road, sidewalk, bike lane or pedestrian crosswalk.

Cost Considerations

The cost of automatic driveway gates and openers varies widely depending on material, design and size. Here we’ll discuss some ballpark figures.

Expect to pay about $1, 760 for a single 12 ft. flat-top steel gate, and about $2, 050 for a single 12 ft. double-rail arched-top steel gate.

A dual 16 ft. flat-top steel gate costs about $2, 300. A dual 16 ft. standard arched-top steel gate costs about $2, 540.

A light-duty opener (about $250) is designed for use with single gates up to 12 ft. long, or 300 lbs. Choose a medium-duty opener (about $300 single; $560 dual) for gates up to a combined 16 ft. long or weighing as much as 550 lbs. Heavy-duty openers (about $430 single; $700 dual) can accommodate gates 18 ft. long or 850 lbs.