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Sliding gate opener installation

Install / September 2, 2017

This page contains important tips while shopping for your gate/gate opener. Many installation methods recommended here were pioneered by Troy’s Fence and more importantly have endured the test of time. Troy’s Fence reworks many systems installed by competitors. Most problems are not initially apparent until a few months later when it's too late. Now the contractor has your money and is nowhere to be found. Troy’s Fence has 30 years of gate fabrication / gate opener installation experience under our belt failure is rare in the event problems arise with our install it will be fixed as per warranty, guaranteed! The statement "you get what you pay for” is profound in relation to gates and gate opener systems. Substandard installation methods always surface with time and can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars! We have seen both circumstances! Ask the important questions up front such as are you licensed, do you carry insurance, gauge of materials, galvanized hardware vs raw steel type hardware, paint vs powder coatings, etched before painting vs non etched, enamel paint vs epoxy paint, grease-less sealed bearings vs needle grease type bearings, aluminum vs steel. However, perhaps the most important question to ask is "can you repair gate openers (all brands) as well as new installs?” Should the answer to this question be no, beware! Always ask for warranty info and so on. Hopefully this page will answer any questions you may have concerning your gate /gate opener, if not please e-mail questions to texas55029@aol.com thanks! -Troy

Source: www.troysfence.com