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How to install a turnbuckle?

Install / August 17, 2022

How to Install a Turnbuckle

Common Uses of a Turnbuckle

Turnbuckles are typical parts on ships, in the construction of things such as wrestling rings and on airplanes, but the most common household use for a turnbuckle is to fix a sagging gate. No matter what you use it for, all turnbuckles' function the same and the hardware's installation is always similar.

Instructions on Installing a Turnbuckle to a Gate

Step One -Lift the sagging gate up by hand and stick one or two pieces of scrap wood under the base of the gate to hold the gate high enough in position so it no longer sags and properly latches. Use a level to make sure the gate is level and correctly aligned so the latch on the gate functions before you start the installation process of the turnbuckle.

Step Two - Use a hand drill to drill a pilot hole into the top side of the gate by the top hinge. Drill another hole in the bottom side of the gate below the latch. Screw the two screw hooks into the holes by hand or using a wrench. Make sure the screw hooks are screwed completely into the holes so their curved bases meet the wood's surface to offer adequate strength to the turnbuckle and the steel cable.

Step Three - Loosen the ends on the turnbuckle by hand so that the turnbuckle is completely expanded and the turnbuckle is ready for installation.

Step Four -Hook a cable clamp to one end of steel cable. Thread the steel cable through the eye of the turnbuckle and then through one of the screw hooks and then back into the cable clamp. Tighten the clamp on to the steel cable using a screwdriver to hold the cable in place.

Step Five - Clamp the second cable clamp to the loose end of the second piece of steel cable using the screwdriver and thread the steel cable through the second eye hook on the gate and then back through the cable clamp to form a loop in the cable. Tighten the second cable clamp as close to the second hook eye as possible. Hook the hook end of the turnbuckle to the cable's loop.

Step Six - The steel cables can now be tightened by twisting the turnbuckle to hold the gate in position when the scrap wood at the base of the gate is removed. Twist the turnbuckle by hand or use an adjustable wrench to tighten it snug. Trim away any excess cable that is dangling from the cable clamps using the wire cutters and discard the scrap cable.

Purchasing a Turnbuckle

The turnbuckle is generally marketed as part of a packaged gate repair kit, but you can also purchase it singularly at most home improvement stores or online at sites such as eBay. Turnbuckles are available in varying sizes, depending on the size and weight of the gate. If the gate is large, it will require strong cable and a large turnbuckle, but a lightweight garden gate will only need a tiny turnbuckle with lightweight cable.

Buying a Turnbuckle and Supplies on eBay

Turnbuckles and installation supplies are often available on the online marketplace of eBay. To find a turnbuckle, or some other item, you can visit eBay's homepage and type in what you seek into eBay's search engine. A wide array of turnbuckles will appear. You can narrow your search results by picking from the item's condition, location, price, size and shipping options. Prior to bidding on any item on eBay, you should always look over a seller's feedback score to make sure the seller is in good standing with the eBay community and past customers have been happy with the seller's items and services.

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