How to Program Your Mercedes-Benz Garage Door Opener | Keenan Motors

How to install gate opener?

Install / September 30, 2022

The automatic gate openers solar charge method is optional and requires the Sentry solar panel kit for proper operation. Typically only one panel will be required. The Sentry gate opener is capable of a high number of cycles per day. For information on what you can expect from a solar charged system see the solar charging section of this site. Accessories that are added to your gate opener must be solar friendly accessories and they will be identified as such. Review the solar region map to determine the number of cycles per day you can expect from a solar charged system.
For more information on Solar Power Gate Openers click here

The Sentry 300 control board features high quality components and industry leading ideas such as auto resetting fuses for motor protection. The old auto type fuse that blows and must be replaced has been designed out of this controller to avoid the unnecessary expense of buying fuses. Another patent pending item designed into the control board is the on board potentiometers for adjusting stop limits.

Many other features have been designed into the control board to ensure superior operation for years to come. Attention to detail and quality parts makes the Sentry Automatic Gate Opener the First High Quality Gate Opener for the Do It Yourself Installer. USAutomatic appreciates the fact you have recognized the quality of the Sentry gate opener for your installation and would appreciate your comments on how we are doing so that we may continue to build and design products in the future that work the way you want them to.

In doing so, along with performing the installation in step-by-step order, you will achieve optimal results.
Your Sentry 300 automatic gate openers control board was designed with a current sense safety feature and we strongly recommend other safety devices such as photo eyes to make each particular installation as safe as possible and reduce the risk of personal injury and/or property damage.

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