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wrought iron gate installation

Install / December 31, 2017

Wrought iron fencing requires significantly less maintenance than the majority of other fencing options. It is extremely weatherproof and stands up well, regardless of the season. In addition, wrought iron fencing normally only needs to be checked twice each year for sections that may require some slight refinishing. Unlike wood fencing, there is no requirement for frequent repainting of wrought iron fences and issues such as insect damage, warping and rotting are not a concern.

Although the open design of a wrought iron fence can make it appear deceptively fragile, wrought iron is an extremely durable and secure material. As a matter of fact, wrought iron fencing is one of the most effective security fencing systems on the market. It is practically impossible to tear down this sturdy type of fence. In addition, a wrought iron fence can feature pointed top portions where the sharp cap posts make it extremely difficult to scale. Also, since wrought iron fences are very smooth and thin, it is naturally a difficult material for climbing. Therefore, an intruder would find it incredibly problematic to access a property with a wrought iron fence and would likely move on to another property.

Wrought iron fencing is visually appealing and many homeowners select it to complement masonry or brick pillars. It is also a very popular choice around gardens and pools as the black color of the fencing serves as a striking background against greenery and flowers in a garden setting. Wrought iron fencing is extremely decorative, presenting an artistic element that cannot be rivaled by other fencing materials. The metal used for wrought iron fencing has been heated, which permits it to be shaped into attractive curves, spires and posts. Since there are practically endless possibilities, wrought iron fencing serves as an art piece on the property while doubling as a secure border.

Cons of a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fencing is more expensive than other fencing options. For example, the cost of wrought iron fence panels are usually up to 25 percent higher than aluminum panels, and the shipping and installation of these heavy panels can result in a relatively expensive cost. However, the price of installation is often deferred by an increase in the overall property value.

Since wrought iron fences are made of metal, it does require periodic maintenance such as painting and sanding. Also, when painted, the metal is susceptible to oxidation and rust. These issues can be addressed with generic rust removal solutions and specially designed paints, but they cannot be ignored if the homeowner wants to maintain the structural integrity of the fence.

Wrought iron fencing does not have much to offer in regards to traditional privacy fencing. However, it is usually installed at a distance from the house, so this may not necessarily be a negative issue for some homeowners.