Autogate (automatic gate) repair, install, maintenance • Singapore

auto gate repair singapore

Repair / October 21, 2022

- Office Glass Entrance Doors Floor Spring, Home/Office Door Closer, Glass Door Sensor, - Change Home Doors Locks, Hinges, Handles, Latch, Door Fixtures Problems.

- Doors Alignments, Door Stuck, Cannot Open Door, Fix Closing & Door Sliding Problems,
Change Sliding Tracks and Rollers .

Align HDB door gate, repair Aluminium door locks and latch, Terrace House Auto Gate .- Repair Rubbish chute Hinge or Change Rubbish Chute .

- Doors Expansion due to Moisture ;Causes Door Opening/Closing Difficulties.

- Fix Drawer locks & drawer slides, Wardrob cabinet doors locks and hinges, Wardrobe

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