Repair and restore leaning fences, plus build, paint & add a gate

how to repair leaning fence

Repair / February 24, 2024

If part of your fence is on a lean, don’t worry, here’s how you can fix it yourself, that’ll get your fence nice and straight again.

There are a number of reasons part of your fence might be on a lean:

  • Inadequate depth of hole
  • Broken or rotten post
  • A tree may have grown, and is the pushing fence over
  • Post has moved whilst the concrete is setting creating a gap between concrete and post

The best way to fix a fence on a lean is to remove the leaning post, and replace it with a new one.

  • Before removing the post, support the fence by bracing it either side of the post.
  • You can use old pieces of 4x3 timber, or similar, to make your braces. Firstly attach a length of timber vertically to each of the rails, then another length from the top of the vertical length, and peg it into the ground. Repeat this on the other side of the fence. This will ensure your fence doesn’t fall over when you remove the post.