Hydraulic Spool Valve Repair Procedure. Hydraulic. Free Image

Gate valve repair procedure

Repair / October 26, 2022

The company began performing valve repairs in 1992, and today the division has grown to offer numerous services. Coupled with the experience and expertise of other company divisions, our service team has a "well rounded" understanding of quality valve repairs.

We have received National Board Certification for the repair and testing of safety valves both at our facility and in the field. The company made a significant investment by installing a modern test lab with all necessary features to guarantee quality results. We also have the equipment for on site valve testing so the plant can remain on line. Reports are furnished for insurance, incpector or corporate requirements.


  • Complete Valve repair - shop and field to MIL I 45208A.
  • Repairs to Gate, Globe, Control, Check, Non- Return, Trip throttle, Extraction check, Regulating, Ball, Butterfly, Safety, etc.
  • Refurbishment of control valve internal trim parts with great savings as opposed to new.
  • Turnkey projects include valve removals, re-installs, piping, code and non code welding.
  • Repairs/new installations.
  • New valve sales, installations and service.
  • National Board code stamps for code boundary welding.
  • Hydrostatic testing: liquid to 10, 000 p.s.i., steam to 1500 p.s.i. and air to 1800 p.s.i.
  • Trim changes, material upgrades, seats, disc, stem, etc.
  • Bypass valves and drain installations shop or field.
  • Hard facing qualifications to A.S.M.E. section 1X.
  • Weld end prep, weld buildup and machining for code or non code applications in the shop or field.
  • Flange surface repairs at our shop or in the field.
  • Factory trained technicians for M.O.V. repairs.
  • Heat treating services for manufacture/repair work.
  • Mobile machine shop (self powered) for valve outage work.
  • Walkthrough outage inspections.
  • N.D.E. services available.
  • Compliance with customer safety program.
  • Packing removal and repacking program using premium grade packing materials for improved service life.
  • Free pick up and delivery service.
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